Our Men’s Therapy Group

“. . . the encounter group or intensive group experience, in which we seem to be creating a means of putting real individuals in touch with other real individuals. It is, I believe, one of our most successful modern inventions for dealing with the feeling of unreality, of impersonality, and of distance and separation that exists in so many people in our culture.”
— Carl Rogers, Renowned Psychologist on Group Therapy

Do you feel cut off, stagnant or restless? Do you long for real connection in your relationships? Are you searching for more?

If you’re like so many men in today’s world, you feel these feelings are very familiar to you. You don’t have to feel this way.

The solution is our ongoing Men’s Therapy Group right here in Denver.

It’s for you if you want to:

  • Share experience, support, and encouragement
  • Connect with other men in an authentic, honest way
  • Develop deeper relationships and connections with others
  • Break down barriers, take off masks, and let down walls
  • Take the risk to walk a different path

Collaborative Counseling of Colorado offers our ongoing Men’s Therapy Group, co-facilitated by clinical psychologists Dr. Jim Kemp and Dr. Neal Brugman.

What is this group?

This group gives you a safe, secure place where you can meet other men in a way that may be radically different from your normal day-to-day interactions. It is a place where men bring in their dilemmas and experiences and work to understand them in a new way – with feedback and support from a community of other men.

Group Details:

When: Tuesday nights, 7-8:30 pm
Where: South Denver, near the University of Denver
Size: limited to 5-8 members and 2 licensed psychologist facilitators
Commitment: We ask for an initial 12-week commitment; group is ongoing with most members opting to stay in the group for the long-term

If you are interested in our Men’s Group please download our Men’s Group Flyer.

Praise for our Men’s Group:

"The emphasis on 'showing up' was so important. I need the safe interactions the group offers."

"Taking risks to open up helped me get away from the 'no one else must feel like I do' syndrome. Very affirming to have men accept me, my feelings and experiences. Jim and Neal do a good job letting group members take the lead in what is shared. Boundaries are clear and help make it a safe place (starting and ending on time, no one person dominates, each person validated and given the space or time needed)."

"The leaders and other members challenged me to get authentic and real from the very start. I've been able to deepen my understanding of what it really truly is to be a man and how to bring that out into the world around me."

"I really benefitted from the interactions with other men, sharing feelings and getting the feedback other group members. Simply put: the men's group helped me a lot."